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The week after...

Good Morning in many, many languages.

A new week has begun.

A week has past since our LIVE performance last weekend.

I hope your week has ended well as

with great memory for the summer of our performance,

together with the gently blowing wind.

【Lemon, Pokemon, Kumamon (゜ω゜●)”】


(235th Day of 2016)

Today I woke up very early as usual (゜○゜●)″

Heavy downpour, blown away by the wind

the typhoon was so strong as though you could actually see and hear the wind.

To those who came from far away to attend our LIVE Show, I hope your return trip was a safe one...

But it seems that much was affected by the typhoon...

Once again, to those who came for the LIVE, thank you for the support.

Today, my body is all stiff, and doesn’t listen to me.. something I have never experienced before...

On a Monday morning like this, was the Closing Ceremony of Olympic 2016

and this links up with Olympic Games to be held 4 years later in Tokyo.

Thank you so much for the excitement the wonderful closing ceremony has brought to us.

Monday started with Typhoon, and till yesterday

It came in a blink of an eye, and time flew past with the typhoon.

Now, it’s all gone.What’s left in my body, is just stiffness..

Hope you guys would try to recall the great memories we had for you on stage till yesterday.

This morning felt just so marvelously strange, as though I was on the stage in my dream.

Move on the the next new step.

Hope the heavy rain storm will turn into gentle wind...


(236th Day of 2016)

Rio Olympic, Badminton Doubles Gold Medalist.

I heard that TAKAMATSU pair, Takahashi Reika`s father`s name is Takahashi Akihiro...

(゜Д゜●)″ Waoh!!

I hope she is not my daughter...

I wonder how many Takahashi Akihiro live in this world...


My name "Taka" Japanese Kanji Character is actually "Bridge"...

But it doesn’t seem to appear in the search.....ahh..

if for example [Each "Sound" has a Kanji that represents it]

If TAKAHASHI AKIHIRO looks like this...I think my teachers will have a little trouble...

Somehow, no one can read it , I think...

At a moment "maybe this person is a Japanese", one might think this way.. Well if I am the teacher

I will try to read it as


in my heart... ah..

and from that day, this person`s nickname will be "JyaDaBaJji"

Maybe i can create a Can Badge JyadaBaJjioohh... (゜▽゜●)″ That could be nice!!

Ooooi!!! Sorry about it.

It has been a while since I had Hazelnut and Peanuts toast

Delicious as usual!

And today, I had a real tooth changed from a false tooth. Nice~ v(゜ω゜●)″


(237th Day of 2016)

Today was quite a good weather.

And somehow, I suddenly wanted to try Kabuki "Stare"(One-sided cross-eyed).

it was so difficult...

I made a search on how to do it.. but still I couldn’t achieve it.

I hold one that I could create the same face effortlessly for HAVE A NICE DAY... aha