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Birthday party

The LIVE Shows have come to an end, as well as the Summer. And it’s September already.

How are you all guys doing?

Today, we were invited to the AKB48 LIVE Show.

We were allowed to watch the show next to the Family, because it was also the celebration of Manami Ichikawa’s Birthday

It was my first time in the AKB Theater. There was an amazing sense of Unity in the Place.

The Audience was very close to the stage and I could feel the great Atmosphere. In addition, next to Ichikawa san, Tano Yuka san, who also participated on our Show also appeared on Stage, and it was very moving.

We too, will continue doing our best, starting everyday anew.

So, be careful with the Typhoons in this late Summer everyone, and enjoy the Weekend.



Ryuta Tomita

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