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I went to my Parents House for a short while and watched the Katakai Fireworks Festival.

The Katakai Fireworks, referred to as ‘Mountain Fireworks’ are a bit different, but as amazing as the Nagaoka River Fireworks. The explosion shock waves are even perceptible on the Body!

It brings surprise and delight even on people well used to attend big Fireworks.

And another of the pleasures for the Audience, is the warm message spoken before the launching.

The festival feels familiar, although my neighborhood is really the Nagaoka River, so I’m actually watching this festival for the first time from the Gallery seats; the proximity makes the 4 main circle shock waves really amazing.

On the other side, my nephews and nieces who were at the bottom, are now big enough, and saying proudly ‘I don’t cry anymore with the Fireworks’.

That healed my heart.

And this week is Harvest Moon. I might as well spend it with turned off lights.


Hayato Uchiyama

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