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Special Report: WO ART Exhibition Mini-Interview with Ryuta Tomita

WOiF: Tomizo san, How do you prepare the choreography for your solos?

T: I don’t prepare anything. Nothing is prepared!

WOiF: So you improvise?

T: Yes it is all improvised.

WOiF: Wow, cool!

On our first interview you spoke about starting with Surfing. How’s that going? Any videos?

T: No, no Videos. I’m actually not practicing very often lately.

WOiF: What about Snowboarding, have you ever tried?

T: Just twice.

WOiF: What Beach would you recommend / is your favorite close to Tokyo?

T: I used to go to one in the Chiba Prefecture.

WOiF: Name…?

T: Oh, I don’t remember really, some friends took me there.

WOiF: Speaking of the Beach...there were some Pictures on SNS, of you at the Beach, shirtless.

T: Really? (embarrassed) Oh NO!

WOiF: Oh yes! We think you looked quite good actually.

T: I don’t think so… I’m chubby

WOiF: You are definitely NOT Chubby. I’m Chubby!

T: (laughs)

(Note: Unfortunately, the said Pictures seem to have disappeared from the Internet...)

Thanks a lot Tomizo san !

(Translation by: Kazumi. Thank you! )

Watch Tomizo san 'in action' at the ART Exhibition, HERE:

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