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One apple a day...

Lately I feel I’ve been ‘skipping’ the chance of cooking for myself, and I’ve been eating too less of the necessary vegetables and fruits.

Apples have been available for 240Y at the supermarket. “Expensive” I thought.

But that was 1 month ago. Little by little, prices have been coming down and sweet and delicious Pears started to be displayed at the stores. So I’ve been eating pears almost daily during the past 2 weeks.

So I thought it was time for some apples, and went to the supermarket with the intention of buying some. But then, there were some Persimmons on display. I tried them and they were really delicious. They are in season now, and as the Apples and Pears, were all available for only 100 Y. So I bought all three of them.

Looking delicious all lined together.

Which fruit will be the next in Line to enjoy?


Yusuke Morisawa

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