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Plant Hunters & 3-legged runners.

I have been quite moved recently by the Paralympic Games: The Swimming at tremendous speed, the beautiful high jumps, the guided Runners, attached and being almost a 3-Legged Unity, the serving hit-strength of the Table Tennis players etc. All fascinating competitions.

Looking at the challenge of overcoming a handicap, by doing what each one can do best, have deeply impressed me.

Recently I was also reading some books.

Starting with ‘Retiring from Energy’ The Author, Inagaki san, retired from the Asahi Shinbun at 50, and lived without any electric appliances like Refrigerator and such, reducing his electricity costs just to the basic fee. It was very interesting although nothing special happens in the book. (‘I’m going home’ would have also been a good Title) but it was entertaining and had a Novel feeling.

Next was ‘Botanical Gardes’ by Nishihata Seijun, the ‘Plant Hunter’. I’ve read also his previous works with interesting stories from the world of plants. So this one continued the fun, LOL.

And I attended NIshihata san’s exposition too.

To be able to admire freely the astonishing plants from all over the world, was just amazing.


Hayato Uchiyama

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