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There's no Strenght...

These days, I've concentrated on making the new MV and my head has been heavy with it.

And what I found about myself recently, is that I tend to get sleepy or get headache when using my brain too much. Get my squared head round.

So I went to the Karate World Tournament. \(^o^)/

At the hall, I was able to meet colleagues with whom I experienced reciprocal encouragement, and my seniors or juniors, and same-year old fighting rivals.

I could talk about various things with my mature colleagues.

Although we can not meet usually in daily life, I still get nervous whenever I get to meet my contemporaries of Karate days, with whom I ate the same dishes or rivals with whom I fought so harshly many times.

We got so excited! \(^o^)/

"There's no Strength without soft Fist"

"柔無き拳に強さなどない…" (TN: It's not enough to have Physical Force/ Strength, you also need skill, finesse...)

These are words from my favorite Manga, and I went back home thinking that if I had heard those words in my student days, I could not have understood.

"There's no strong Dance without smoothness"

My head is full of power. \(^o^)/

Sleepy, though Happy. LOL


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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