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Organic Brownies

I made Organic Chocolate Brownies, without the use of Sugar, Wheat Flour, Eggs and Diary Products, using Ama-koji as substitute for sugar. Many may know it... being a fermented Seasoning, it’s considered to be healthier and milder for the Body.

I was inspired to make them, by seeing my own sister suffering from severe Atopy since childhood, and watching how diverse medical treatments, oral or topic, remained ineffective.

As an Adult, an eastern Doctor recommended refraining from consuming sugar, eggs and Diary products which brought a dramatic improvement. And trying it myself, I also felt my body becoming somehow lighter.

We are getting more and more health-conscious lately, but we all want to eat from time to time. Me too. This being the case, I started by trying something on my own. So I prepared and ate the Brownies myself. I feel they have the potential, though there’s still some way to go, until they get really delicious.

I’m going to try different things, in order to wipe out the Label ‘unhealthy’ that all sweets are put under. The Goal would be a “Healthy and Delicious Chocolate”. “Good for the Body” where “Delicious” is not a Pitfall. And when I may achieve it, I hope everyone would try it.


Yusuke Morisawa

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