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30 sec. can make a difference

Those of you living in Cities and using the Train, might know the crowds when getting off the train, on the stairways, towards the Ticket Gate. Do you feel stressed by it sometimes?

It might be no big deal, sometimes the congestion can’t be avoided. But me, in order to change my shallow breathing while walking, to a deep and profound one, I’ve started the simple practice of waiting 30 seconds on the platform, after descending the train. Just that.

Just within 30 seconds, the view of the crowd changes completely, and you can walk calmly, almost singing and crooning towards the stairs.

Maybe some of you have already done it. Maybe you have even met someone like you on the platform. Wait shorter or longer, depending on the situation. In any case, if you haven’t tried it yet, and you are not in hurry, please give it a try.

Allow your view to clear up and your attitude towards the crowd to change.

Can you wait 30 Seconds?

A small dandelion (TN: ‘Tanpopo’ in Japanese) bloomed next to the morning glory. In my house, the flowers continue in alternate blooming.

“Po” A two lined Name to calm down.

Uchi popo… Popo to…


Hayato Uchiyama

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