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Early Morning Today, I went to Takasaki, my Hometown in the Gunma Prefecture.

Despite of leaving early in the morning, I got lost; then I had to change clothes and arrived in the last minute…

It was my cousin’s wedding ceremony.

We met for the last time when we were Junior High Students, if I remember correctly.

After so long time without seeing her, she is now completely grown up and has become a beautiful Bride.

The letter to both Parents, and a Video of the Bride and Groom, made the Tears come out… > _ < …

a happy feeling in the chest! Once, I thought \(^ o ^) /

And after so long time, exploring the Takasaki city. Memories of when I was little came to life.

Only walking, and I could hear the sound of familiar footsteps and voices.

But, seems as people has become less every year. There were certainly just few people on the streets, despite being a Saturday.

Everybody, Takasaki is a good place, so please, come to visit. \(^o^)/

It has Daruma Doll specialities, and also a Kannon!

Me too, when I have time, I’d like to come again slowly!


Masato Ochiai

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