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Bear to the Universe!

Good Morning in many, many languages.


One week… in which, it has been cold here. in the Morning,

I have been thinking about turning on my heating carpet.

It was warm under the sun, but cold as soon as you entered the shade.

It was such a week. Everybody, please keep warm.

【Bear, off to the Universe! (゜Д゜●;;)” 】


(284th day of 2016)

Today it was a national Holiday.

Shibuya was full of people.

It was the end of the Rehearsal, I saw the Captain of the Paralympics Rugby National Team,

I was quite close and wanted to take a picture with him.

It was not possible because…

It was an awkward moment…

it was very noisy and I was wearing ordinary Clothes, so I guess he didn’t see me…

Today it is a cold Monday. I’m wearing a T-shirt.

Seems there’s not many people left wearing T-shirts.

Because it was a cool day, maybe I was a bit outplaced. Apparently, today, the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes were appearing at diverse places in Shibuya.

So was I…


(285th day of 2016)

Cold… it is cold today… eh

Suddenly, Temperatures sank down to 20° or lower,

a pure white cloudy sky this Tuesday.

It’s as cold as in Hokkaido…Weather forecast predicts Snow coming soon.

In order not to affect your physical condition…Everyone, please be careful.

It’s such a cold evening,

that I lit in the Bathroom

the sparklers I received…

At first they burn nicely,

the little sparklers,

then, they made some smoke...

Just a few sparklers…

they burned fast…

Sparklers at the end of Summer…. lonely…

Anyway, lighting Fireworks indoors, is something to stop immediately.

Everyone, please never

do it!


(286th day of 2016)

This morning, the weather is nice, yet cool.

A post-summer atmosphere.

Today, the sunlight is glistering And the sun is hot…

This week, I feel it’s over with wearing short sleeves.

Today is Black Clothes Day:

black pants, black hat, brown shoes and black-brown Rucksack.

Me and my Rucksack are all black & brown.

Today, I have again delicious toasted pastry bread.

In the evening, the moon can be clearly seen

After a long time! (゜▽゜●)


(287th day of 2016)

I woke up in the middle of the night, and dragged out a WORLD ORDER Parka.

When I woke up I realize I was wearing it backwards

“How in earth…?”

I thought it’s a kind of transformation…


Room” … Tears just would not stop.

This movie is based on a western book I bought,

I don’t know how many years ago…

Even though I can’t understand English well,

I spontaneously picked up this Book, “Room” .

A lot happens all the time, And indeed, connected in this way,

I think it is also DESTINY…So painful, to save a Son so many times.

Children are Angels…