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Buds and Baby-Grasshopers

The sun rose in the fog after the rain today in Tokyo, it was a very beautiful morning.

The morning glory in my house still blooms, they seem to continue blooming until all this week. Some first seeds were cropped, so they'll bloom next year.

I had fried eggplant, chrysanthemums, thinned-out vegetables of the turnips which were cropped in my field and heaping bowlful of Malabar Spinach last night, so I enjoyed happiness.

Sweet potatoes and peanuts have been briskly growing in my field and wait for harvest.

When the cabbage buds, which were very popular among insects, began to appear, most of the leaves were eaten by them, so I set a Net because I was anxious. But I took the Net off by advice of the senior in natural agriculture of the same field. He said if there were bugs which eat leaves, there were also mantises and spiders who will eat those bugs; so there was the ecosystem, so it's all right.

The breeding is slow but it was finally stable through unstable time. That's the fun of natural agriculture.

There were many kinds of insects and the kind of grasses were changed by seasons. Young grasshoppers are small and very cute.

Are this the children of the grasshoppers which have eaten many leaves of my vegetables and got bigger? I imagined it that way and it was fun.


Hayato Uchiyama

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