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Maa-kun's 3 Minute Cooking II

"3-Minute Cooking"

Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru- 〜♬

Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru- 〜♬

Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru- 〜♬

Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru Tu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru- 〜♬

I got a bigger echo than I had expected, so this is a 2nd challenge.

This time I cooked "Spinach wrapped in Pork". I put into focus, the point of how I use up the Spinach which was left from last cooking.

This is the result.

Recently vegetables have been in high prices but I would like to enjoy autumn vegetables.(。-∀-。)

By the way, changing the topic, I took pictures of an expectant mother, who is a friend of mine.

And my friend took photos of myself while shooting. They were sent to me through email later.

Henceforth, I 'd like to pay attention to my figure while taking pictures.



Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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