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Searching for Space Bear

Good Morning in many, many languages.


There were warm days until weekend

and I could spend the days in a T-shirt.

But the cold weather came back on weekend,

It was a week, in which temperature is going up and down.

Everyone, please take good care of yourself

at this time of seasonal change.

【I asked Dr. X….and tried to launch an exploration in outer space…\(゜ω゜●),


(Long;) [TN: literally long Title]


(291st day of 2016)

This Monday starts with rain… A bit colder, and still a bit moist,

Hot and damp atmosphere.

Today, changing my usual mood, I went to a different Burger Shop as usual; the shop that I’ve been to once or twice,

Recently, I got the feeling

I was eating like in

‘Super Size Me’…

But now it’s getting cold,

it’s again time for Miso Soup

When I got back home, the Moon was shining beautifully.