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Sparkling Halloween

It has become sharply colder. In Tokyo, the highest temperature today was 11°C.

Temperatures already like in December. Are you all doing OK?

I have a robust health, besides, I do Sauna to avoid catching a cold. It may be often said, "it is stupid not to catch a cold". Well, maybe I'm stupid. Or maybe it’s a stupid saying.

Well in the meantime, we’ve reached the end of October and we’ve been busy exclusively with rehearsals. Things which seem to have no answer at first, are looking nice now. Also the movements are nice to watch, I think.

In such situations I’m much into “Puccho Gum, Soda Flavor”. Chewy and sparkling and still an harmonious flavor. So delicious that it’s eaten so fast, LOL

Still, I’ll do my best!

And now, the weekend is here.

The Halloween Party at downtown will be crowded, so please take care everyone.

Getting in disguise at home is also nice, I think. So I guess I’ll stay at home and will disguise as a virtual person who eats Puccho, gets in the Sauna and drinks High-Ball.

So, with that said




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