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Good-bye Earth...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This time, the Diary has become long again…

The reason is… There is a "Sunday-Comic" within

So, here we go… A space Diary.

Hoping it will bring you funny and cheerful wind.

【Goodbye Earth …??! (;つ Д `●)】


(298th day of 2016)

[Kumadamon’s Ship, docking on Kumamon’s Spacecraft]

Today is a pleasant weather Monday Morning,

And there’s a nice atmosphere when I leave. On the evening, my bathroom's illuminated by the orange of the setting sun, it makes a nice atmosphere.

Tonight, I have Miso Soup with Radish &Tofu, and some Yakitori.

I added an Egg to the broth after a short time…

It was delicious…

but far too much, and couldn’t eat it all.

I’ll have the rest tomorrow.

Have a great week, everybody!!


(299th day of 2016)

[Let’s speed up… and Go!!]

Today it has turn cold.

It was chilly and like “Brrr” from morning to evening…Everybody, take care not to catch a cold.

It also rained today, so the air and the ground felt cold. Tonight I got a frozen Curry from the convenience Store.

Delicious, as eating on a Summer beach…

Tonight I watch “13 Hours

Impressive, as expected from a Michael Bay Film.

It kept me from sleeping…People fighting a secret battle, at an unknown place (true story) saving lives,

but not getting public.

Everybody was awesome,

and the film had a nice ending.


300th day of 2016

[Straight down into a black hole.]

Today is the 300th day of 2016. Marking there is not much remaining of this year…

I hope every moment in these last days of the year

will be warm and gentle.

Also on this 300th day, Temperatures have raised

and it’s a hot day.

The sunlight is warm enough

allowing a T-shirt during the day.

In the neighborhood, there’s gradually a Halloween atmosphere,

Also in Shibuya will be bumpy, I guess…

A huge crowd, I guess…

Don’t really like it…

I rather stay indoors… Aha

On the lower part of the Picture,

is my latest buy from Amazon

A kind of Showa feeling package.

The other day, my Clippers broke, I tried To repair them with tape,

but I failed at attaching a plate,

so they were mowing just on the left side.

The result was strangely asymmetrical.

Self-repaired stuff… Gotta be careful with it.

Evening, I had again Miso soup

Which was today on the right point for passing.

Still delicious.


(301st day of 2016)

[W, S, B, M... Press the last measures Buttons!]

(W: nothing…)

(S: Smoothie comes out)

(B: Seat collapses, Smoothie spills on your face)

(M: McDonald's Burger comes out)

Today’s morning sky is cloudless. There’s still a bit from yesterday’s heat,

But air temperature has sunken though.

Not so hot, not so cold,

just right, pleasant weather.

In the afternoon, clouds increase;

I received a lovely and delicious Manyju

Tonight’s “Prior-to-Bed” Film is : "The Loft"

Somehow an amazing story…

Somehow unpleasant people though…


(302nd day of 2016)

[A desperate Situation… and…. Swoooosh]

This morning, it was raining when I left but,

there was no rain when I came back.

The air was pleasantly cool

but as I came back home,

It was like a refrigerator inside the house… brrr.

The orange color inside the Oven is great…

And… the drawing on

this little Manyju is really so charming…

Its Name is Tsun-Taro

Delicious Tsun-Taro…

Thank you Tsun-Taro

Hope to meet you again soon, Tsun-Goro

Ooooh… wrong Name…

A new one… (- _ – ;)”


(303rd day of 2016)

[Good Bye...]

Today, it is cloudy during the whole day,

and the air is cold.

The evening, I hear the sound of rain falling,

A day of heavy looking sky.

On this cold evening, for the first time in the year

I switch my heating carpet ON.

See, it’s amazing…. Hey!

That season has finally come. So then...

warm weekend everybody…


(304th day of 2016



Cold winter weather

Sunday morning…

pure white skies.

Black Holes…

They absorb all light,

and I guess gravity…

Even Light, at its speed,

is trapped in darkness…

It swallows all stars,

at enormous speed…remaining just pitch black...

What may lie beyond the darkness? I wonder…Personally, this is what I think:

There are whales in space, inside the black holes,

a tide flows out through the black holes opening,

a sea of beautiful crystal clear waters,

with many stars floating within, a sea with objects in diverse, lovely shapes;

such stars would form a wall, where our hero would bounce, and be thrown back,

like a giant Super-Ball-Star!!

So it is (゜▽゜●) A ha

By the way

One Light Year = 9 trillion, 460.5 billion, 28,340,008 thousand Km.

At Light speed, it’s just 1,3 Seconds until the Moon,

and 8 Light-Minutes until the the sun,

I wonder how many Light-Seconds to the next convenience store…

The Cosmos is somehow amusing…

If we would live at Light Speed…How many years would we live…? I wonder

We’d be covered with scratches, I guess.

So it is...

Such thoughts I’m having, on a Monday.

Everyone, thank you for your hard work this week.

The start of a new Week,

November will also start soon,

It’s already the last Monday in October.

May everyone spend the new week,

and the start of November

In a warm and gentle mood.

May you all encounter warmth

In each day, hour and Light- Second of your week…

May a kind and gentle wind… softly blow in everyone’s heart...

May the first week and Light-Second in November

be filled with a gentle and warm mood.

It will be fine. It will be OK.

The wind has blown.

Now, live your life!!! (゜▽゜●)\”

【May the world be swept with a wind of smiles… filled with kindness and warmth…】

【Once again this week… one step at a time… may today continue… onto tomorrow…】

To a new week…

To the start of November…

Take care…

Off we go !!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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