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Good-bye Earth...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This time, the Diary has become long again…

The reason is… There is a "Sunday-Comic" within

So, here we go… A space Diary.

Hoping it will bring you funny and cheerful wind.

【Goodbye Earth …??! (;つ Д `●)】


(298th day of 2016)

[Kumadamon’s Ship, docking on Kumamon’s Spacecraft]

Today is a pleasant weather Monday Morning,

And there’s a nice atmosphere when I leave. On the evening, my bathroom's illuminated by the orange of the setting sun, it makes a nice atmosphere.

Tonight, I have Miso Soup with Radish &Tofu, and some Yakitori.

I added an Egg to the broth after a short time…

It was delicious…

but far too much, and couldn’t eat it all.

I’ll have the rest tomorrow.

Have a great week, everybody!!


(299th day of 2016)

[Let’s speed up… and Go!!]

Today it has turn cold.

It was chilly and like “Brrr” from morning to evening…Everybody, take care not to catch a cold.

It also rained today, so the air and the ground felt cold. Tonight I got a frozen Curry from the convenience Store.

Delicious, as eating on a Summer beach…

Tonight I watch “13 Hours

Impressive, as expected from a Michael Bay Film.

It kept me from sleeping…People fighting a secret battle, at an unknown place (true story) saving lives,

but not getting public.

Everybody was awesome,

and the film had a nice ending.


300th day of 2016

[Straight down into a black hole.]

Today is the 300th day of 2016. Marking there is not much remaining of this year…

I hope every moment in these last days of the year

will be warm and gentle.

Also on this 300th day, Temperatures have raised

and it’s a hot day.

The sunlight is warm enough

allowing a T-shirt during the day.

In the neighborhood, there’s gradually a Halloween atmosphere,

Also in Shibuya will be bumpy, I guess…

A huge crowd, I guess…

Don’t really like it…

I rather stay indoors… Aha

On the lower part of the Picture,

is my latest buy from Amazon

A kind of Showa feeling package.

The other day, my Clippers broke, I tried To repair them with tape,

but I failed at attaching a plate,

so they were mowing just on the left side.

The result was strangely asymmetrical.

Self-repaired stuff… Gotta be careful with it.

Evening, I had again Miso soup

Which was today on the right point for passing.

Still delicious.


(301st day of 2016)

[W, S, B, M... Press the last measures Buttons!]

(W: nothing…)

(S: Smoothie comes out)

(B: Seat collapses, Smoothie spills on your face)

(M: McDonald's Burger comes out)

Today’s morning sky is cloudless. There’s still a bit from yesterday’s heat,

But air temperature has sunken though.

Not so hot, not so cold,

just right, pleasant weather.

In the afternoon, clouds increase;

I received a lovely and delicious Manyju

Tonight’s “Prior-to-Bed” Film is : "The Loft"

Somehow an amazing story…

Somehow unpleasant people though…