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A Miracle in outer space

Good Morning in many, many languages.


The beginning of a new week.

Entering November the air is getting colder.

The days, with over 20° have seldom came here.

Try to stay warm, and don't catch a cold.

May the first Monday in November be a warm one.

【A Miracle, faster than a blink (◎. ◎(◎. ◎ ;)】


(305th day of 2016)

[Whale?! How?! A white whale in space!?...]

Today, as I expected, the morning air was cold

but the sun was shining bright in the blue sky,

and weather became pleasant after all.

Today, I couldn’t sleep anymore since 4am,

so I got up. My room was like inside a refrigerator.

I had a hot Coffee and turned my heating carpet on

to warm me up.

Today, seeing the people in Shibuya on my way back home was amazing

People wearing Kigurumi-Rabbit costumes, Witches, or Blood- Nurses were getting off the Train…

One person in a Skeleton Costume was making

Pictures with people on the street...

Horrible, I really wanted to go back home.

The moment I got alone,

I put an icy look on my face, like Ushijima-Kun, from “The Loan Shark”

Around the local station,

there were also many Cosplayers heading to Shibuya,

all of them amazing

Without bringing trouble, all people doing their best to live,

children, older people and adults working so hard.

Enjoy your Halloween day...


(306th day of 2016)

[About to be eaten… bwooooon]

This morning, I turned on the TV when I woke up.

I found Nyambo!

the cat versions of Danbo, Now, I realize there is such a character...

Today it’s cloudy and the air is cold.

As winter approaches,

what attracts me is...

NIkuman (steamed meat buns) and Anman (Bean-Paste Buns)

I wonder what kind of buns are sold these days.

Personally, I guess I’d make one filled with red bean paste and chocolate…


(307th day of 2016)

[The huge Mouth rips open…]

I brewed some Black Tea

and had a Taiyaki this morning.

Today, the Picture and drawing I’d prepared for the Diary…

I deleted them by mistake…

How stupid of me….

Stu-stu-stu-pid (・.・●; )”

So I just have this single Picture to present you.

I’ll try my best…

Go for it Kumamon- Kumadamon!


(308th day of 2016)

[GULP down, let's live!]

I had Toast again, after a long time…

Sugar Toast x2

As I expected, it’s still delicious…

I haven’t eaten it since my recent Wisdom-Tooth extraction… A come-back.

Today we have nice weather, with deep blue skies, turning to vivid orange in the evening,

however, the sun was setting fast.

Tomorrow is coming again.

May tomorrow be also a warm day.