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Something to remember...

Looking back at the Memo pad App in the iPhone, I found such a Memo : December 27, 2013.

Certainly, this was a day where a WORLD ORDER's Fan event was held.

The Fan event is usually like an exchange party with Fans who support us, and where we Members, hold a little entertainment program.

Anyway, on that day, a woman called me from behind, and told me her small child called ‘Karen’, was my big fan, and always cheered me, and actually, she had came all the way from Saitama, to support me in behalf of her child. And then she asked me, if I'd mind to address some words to the child.

There were many people there, and everyone was talking fast, the question came too abruptly, and I didn’t know what to answer, so I said the first that came to my mind, which was: ‘Cherish your friends’.

When the woman heard this, she just said ‘Thank you’ with tearful eyes and left the Stage.

After that, I was told, it looked like I was in that moment, more interested in other things.

Of course I wanted to Thank Karen-chan, for always supporting me, and also her lovely Mom, who moved my heart by coming all the way from Saitama. And because I absolutely didn’t want to forget, I went to a corner of the Hall, and secretly took out my iPhone, and wrote it in the ‘Memo Pad App’, on that December 27th 2013, at 9:12 pm.

It is said that Children’s interest is capricious, and today, she might be not be interested in me anymore, but after 3 years, I’ve become more grown-up, and when I imagine the Child whose face I don’t know, playing with her cherished friends, somehow my spirits rise. I’d like to thank her in person one day, and If when she looks at me, getting more and more an old man, gets disappointed, I hope she would at least leave our meeting with a bitter smile.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Translated by: Ani

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