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Autumn in the Park

The next day after we came back from Beijing, we had a day off, so I was relaxing at my home when I got an E-mail from one of my Dance & Camera friends: "You have come back to Japan, haven't you? Shall we dance and take pictures?" was the message on the E-mail.

Actually I was a little bit tired but I understood his message was: "You have to go out!" so I decided to go out with him.

I wanted to take Pictures so we visited "Rikugi-en" after a long time.

Here are the pictures of the place, and I really like the atmosphere of this season.

December has come and it is a little time left this year. It has been cold days, so please take care of yourselves, everyone.~

◆◆◆ Urgent project.◆◆◆

[Guerrilla Reply to the last diary !!!!]

※Guerrilla Reply is a corner where I spontaneously try to reply to the comments in my last diary...

Miko-San: I am so glad to know that you got energy from the pictures. Please make process what you left to do in this year. I am sure you can do more and more!

Senen-San: At all you remembered "LAST DANCE too? Many people are attracted to the gingko trees of this season, don't you think so ?I will make a report again!!

Kerosuke-San: I also like "LAST DANCE"!! Let's enjoy this year without thinking what you have left to do. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Live Show!!!

Natsu-San: I really can't believe it is only one month left in the year. How quickly time flies!!! Please look forward to the Blue-Ray and Live Showt!! And the answer was Beijing.

Megu-San You are a master, that you can feel the scent from the pictures of the ginkgo. I would like to reach tjat level. I also find ginkgo so delicious.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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