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A growing new way

Thank you very much, to the people who participated in the Blu-ray hashtag campaign.

I was impressed to watch the completed work.

Usually, there are passers-by in town in the PVs, but the scenery included fans who supported us this time. And I felt, the number of submitted movies was the number of thoughts. Thank you for catching various angles and various moments.

I harvested peanuts the other day in my small field. These are called, "CHIBA HANDACHI", have the longest history among peanuts in Japan and are a long-loved sort.

Peanuts have cute leaves, the flowers are yellow and also pretty. And then, Tentacle-Like things begin to appear in many places and pierce the soil; then, before long, they become fruit-like things in the soil.

I sometimes watch in soil during still waiting; finally reticulate patterns appear.

I smoked the peanuts I harvested, raw and enjoyed them with boil salt.

Being a waste after eating, I sprinkled the shells on the field, then I wait for microorganisms disintegrating and circulating.

The Japanese Daikon Radish leaves which are opened radially, are beautiful and grow magnificently.

Small flowers blooms between the vegetables, and my heart softens in an interval of the work.

I like this flower.

By the way, I heard the other day, that Sharing Economy has been expanding. It is a new form, either Capitalism nor Socialism.

It is a structure which exchanges things and services without money; every daily necessity is free to borrow and loan. Already such a community has been created in The Netherlands. Actually, they are people who have borrowed the rice field last year and their connected people.They had such an idea and moved it to action, and I sympathize with them.

I think people who have questions about the spread of Capitalism, about a world in which we live just to get much money, and the continuously growing economy, will spread this new stream.

This new movement is not counted in GDP so it doesn't appear in numbers, but already people in early times, before the money era, had lived wealthy by cooperating like in Sharing Economy.

Of course not everybody needs to agree with it, nor choose it, but if such a possibility increases, I think it's good for people who feel deadlocked.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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