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A growing new way

Thank you very much, to the people who participated in the Blu-ray hashtag campaign.

I was impressed to watch the completed work.

Usually, there are passers-by in town in the PVs, but the scenery included fans who supported us this time. And I felt, the number of submitted movies was the number of thoughts. Thank you for catching various angles and various moments.

I harvested peanuts the other day in my small field. These are called, "CHIBA HANDACHI", have the longest history among peanuts in Japan and are a long-loved sort.

Peanuts have cute leaves, the flowers are yellow and also pretty. And then, Tentacle-Like things begin to appear in many places and pierce the soil; then, before long, they become fruit-like things in the soil.

I sometimes watch in soil during still waiting; finally reticulate patterns appear.

I smoked the peanuts I harvested, raw and enjoyed them with boil salt.

Being a waste after eating, I sprinkled the shells on the field, then I wait for microorganisms disintegrating and circulating.