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Searching for the "W" Switch

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This weekend is a very cold and body-shivering weekend.

Is everybody warm?

The panel radiator and the carpets are giving their best,

but are they really on?...

That’s what I felt in my room, which is cold like a refrigerator

Why does my air conditioner not work as a heater…?

If I turn on the heater it works as air conditioner…oh come on.

Like this, I could take care of a penguin!

The room temperature is so cold.I have to wear heavy clothes when I go outside…

An old man, who wears dirty coats and lives in a refrigerator…

Hi! my name is Aki ojisan. It’s a pleasuer to meet you! I’m extremely freezing!!!

(((゜▽゜*)))アハ”→→ kachin (◇ □ ◇*)”!!

【 Shizuku (Water Droplet) and Mozuku searching for the "W" Switch”】


(347th day of 2016)

[Ok! Let’s go back together to the Water-Star]

Today was very, very cold day.The feathers of Pigeons, who were over the light of the lanterns, were messy and the Pigeons were curled up.

He found a really nice place,

didn't he?

The morning had a nice weather and at the time of the sunset,

the clouds were increasing and the moon of the night sky was shining dimly while being almost covered in clouds.

The Monday of a start of a new week.

I hope, that this will be a wonderful week…


(348th day of 2016)

[I ask a bear walking through]

When I opened my eyes in the morning, they were immediately clear

The two-folded eye is still not healed…

There are still slim traces left, but they are light

Today’s morning with heavy clouds The air is still cold…

Today I bought new shoes

My shoes, which got worn out after years of hard-working, were scratched at the bottom…the sole that peeled off, wrinkled leather, paint blackhead, I kept to deceive myself, but they got worn out.

Thank you for protecting my feet after going to so many events, foreign countries, MV and LIVE.


(349th day of 2016)

[I ask the red guy and bird flying through]

While it rained lightly, I went out this morning.

Because I saw the blue sky,

I hope the weather will be good.

The ground, on which the rain fell yesterday, was wet, but when I went back home, it was completely dry and the weather was good.

The sky is beautiful and the big moon was floating clearly at yesterday night, what’s that?

But it gets smaller and smaller…Normally the moon is small like a ping-pong ball, but today it’s like a watermelon –

A self-talk while pedaling thoughtless my bike.

(Somehow, it seems like, that Joony also saw the big moon…)


(350th day of 2016)

[I ask the cat over the sea…]

A morning with a clouds and a brilliant blue sky.

When I was at my hometown, the nails in the edge of my ceiling were hanging weirdly.

Since the morning, the nails were increasing.

With the hammer in my hand,

I hammered the nails into my ceiling…

I forgot, why I was coming here…

Oh, I came to repair to the ceiling….