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Searching for the "W" Switch

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This weekend is a very cold and body-shivering weekend.

Is everybody warm?

The panel radiator and the carpets are giving their best,

but are they really on?...

That’s what I felt in my room, which is cold like a refrigerator

Why does my air conditioner not work as a heater…?

If I turn on the heater it works as air conditioner…oh come on.

Like this, I could take care of a penguin!

The room temperature is so cold.I have to wear heavy clothes when I go outside…

An old man, who wears dirty coats and lives in a refrigerator…

Hi! my name is Aki ojisan. It’s a pleasuer to meet you! I’m extremely freezing!!!

(((゜▽゜*)))アハ”→→ kachin (◇ □ ◇*)”!!

【 Shizuku (Water Droplet) and Mozuku searching for the "W" Switch”】