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End of Year wishes

The Monthly Niigata Komachi has been published this month!

By the way, do you know a song, "The Castle of the Maverick", of ASUKA AOYA?

(TN: Song Lyrics)

I've been interested in a board of KAMABOKO only since I can remember

I've never been able to follow my classmates' topics

No interest, I'm interested in a board of KAMABOKO only

Asking my mother, she bought me a lot of KAMABOKO

Those were not enough, I worked for my relative's bakery to pick up a nice bit of money

No interest, I'm interested in a board of KAMABOKO only

I heard girls of my classmates whispered at the corridor

They said bad things about me that I was a KAMABOKO shit

No interest, I have no interest in you

No interest, I have no interset in you

Time went by, I buit a house with the boards I had collected

I met my wife who said, "I love you" each other

No interest except a board of KAMABOKO and my wife

No interest except a board of KAMABOKO and my wife

To be different from others, to carry out my will is very difficult,

most of the time I can't.

But it's alright because I can get true friends

It's my castle I build slowly

The castle of the maverick,

the unshapen castle

A story of the maverick


I smirk and am excited the song shot through that he is interested in a board of KAMABOKO only.

Even if I know it's a story in a song, I'm glad like "He made it!" that finally he built his house with boards of KAMABOKO. And I cry hearing the final measure because I superimpose me and the song for sure.

I'm not enough to be a maverick, but there was troubled times in my life, also I was troubled that it was hard to communicate with people. But now, there are a lot of people who watch me warmly.

I appreciate all the time that they have participated in our events, and people who were difficult to participate to live in the distant place, sent me messages.


I think each person has a different way of thinking but I'm glad for the comments on my diaries which are difficult to comment and to sympathize with.

I think this year for people living in KUMAMOTO and the neighbor areas, it's been a tough year by repeated natural disasters. There was a big earthquake again in Fukushima so people living there could be anxious.There have been events that haven't appear in news, personal good things, tough things and more.

I hope from now on that there are more moments where all of you can smile, even if in those situations.


I thank you so much for your help this year.

So, I'll dance hard in the coming live show,

of Year of the Monkey of leaving from evils and difficulties,

it will be the completion of this good year!


Hayato Uchiyama

Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

THE Official WORLD ORDER WEBSITE is experiencing difficulties,

so this Original Diary is NOT AVAILABLE at the moment.

For this reason, this translated Diary contains just 1 of the original 4 Pictures.

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