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Happy New Year!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017(●´∀`)/"

Good Morning in many, many languages.


May this year will be a wonderful one…

【A present from a white whale!!】


(361st day of 2016)

["Pac"] (TN: Egg cracking sound)

SMAPxSMAP final round

Today is the end of SMAP

Thank you for letting us starring 2 times in that wonderful Show. It was like a dream, when we did the collaboration for “The only flower in the world” with SMAP. The really cool 5 guys, idols, who were active since I was in the elementary school.

Thank you for your kindness. Also, just before, I heard that “Space World” is closing down.

I stayed there with my classmates from the soccer club as the final trip of our high school.

It’s sad that “Space World” will close down in the year 2017…

I should have gone there before the shut-down…

Thank you “Space World”!


(362nd day of 2016)


Even its raining today,

It’s also a warm Tuesday.

Today, we went near the Tokyo tower for a photoshoot.

In the train, women talked about the SMAPxSMAP final round…

As expected, the dissolution of SMAP was a shocking event…

that’s what I realized.

Today was back and forth, but the orange color of the evening,could be seen, even if it was a short time,

When the night came, rain fell…

Today was a warm and soft rainy day.


(363rd day of 2016)


Today had a complete cold morning.

Today, I was surprised to see… But I am happy, that no serious matter hasn’t reach me

It’s the LIVE from tomorrow. Today I put nutrition on, soaked myself in the bath and gave my body a good time.

I prepare myself for the stage tomorrow.

This last days of the year can be already counted with one hand.

I hope we all can the feel the warm wind from everybody, who will visit us in the next two days.


(364th day of 2016)


There were several things in the hurry before the performance, but Day one ended safely.

As expected, it was awkward….

in the end, as expected, my leg got stuck…

But I was able to do the LIVE.

The smiles of everybody, who supports us in the distance and I while feeling their voices, I could stand on the stage.

Thank you for this year too

On the first day, I could meet my juniors and seniors of the time of my university.

On my way back home, I saw the Tokyo tower lighten up and paused with surprise and I will also give my best tomorrow!

I also thank my firm leg.

My gratitude for today.


(365th Day of 2016)


It is the final day of our concert today. The weather is very nice again today.

The air is really cold, but my heart feels warm with nervousness.

I gave my grandparents’ picture a thumbs up as a farewell….

I hope today’s stage and concert will be wonderful!!!

I missed lots of counts today….

But, I really enjoyed it.

I hope the warm wind reached people who were sitting far away as well…

Thank you very very much for this past year.

May your last day of 2016 be filled with peace and kindness as well.


(366th day of 2016)

[poke, poke, crack]

My body is stiff and hard to move….

I did laundry, I went to the station by bicycle and I finished other stuff this morning….

My body is exhausted, even pedaling a bicycle is hard...

I have to work on new year’s day tomorrow though….

I am going to take a bath and do some stretches, force my body to recover by tomorrow!!

I hope everyone has a heartwarming new year’s eve.


(1st day of 2017)


It is new year’s day!!

Did you jump last night, everybody?

I did jump as usual on new year’s.

I lost no time in getting to work today.

I will do my best to send you a gentle wind.

I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

I wish you a Happy New Year.

Again, I wish you a new year filled with warmth and good health.

I hope we will see each other again with smiles and I hope you feel a lot of gentle winds.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a wonderful year...

May this first Monday, each day and hour of 2017 be filled with smiles, peace and warmth…..

May a gentle wind always blow softly into everyone’s heart….

It is going to be okay, it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s live for 2017 with warmth!!(●´∀` )ノ"

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart. May a smiling wind blow throughout the world….】【Once again this year..., I hope the new year will be filled with warmth that follows your step into tomorrow….】

To the new year…

To the new week…

To a wonderful 2017.

With heartwarming feelings,

take care.

Off we go!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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The Original Diary is now been published (and you can leave comments)

Kindly Translated by: Niki and Hiromi. (Thanks a lot!)

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