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Happy new year and congratulations!

I celebrated the New Year’s Holiday after finishing the end of Year LIVE Show. I

came back to Zushi after long time, and visited the Graveyard on the same occasion.

It was a happy moment, going back and seeing the ocean after so long. My hometown is very nice, I think

I hope I could live longer without the hassle of having to leave back for Tokyo, LOL

Well, we finished the New Years Day (1/1) with a LIVE Event, and are preparing for the next. Stay tuned in.

Everyone, the cold has become more severe, but let's enjoy the weekend in different ways, so the and let’s keep the mood of the Year-End and New Year’s Holiday!



Ryuta Tomita

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The Original Diary is now been published (and you can leave comments)

Translated by: Ani,


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