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All you need is...

Good day.

I spent my days actively between works last week, such as going on a camping trip.

I applied for Sasuke, but I haven't heard from them…

Well, after all, my personality isn’t it?

I thought my application would be accepted, thinking of my athletic ability.

I need to reconsider myself. I wonder if I learn to mimic Japanese comedian Sunshine Ikezaki


OK, what's past is past. (^^)

Recently, I’m so happy to be able to do acrobatic moves.

It is quite pleasant to flip vertically, but if doing so hard, I sometimes feel like getting seasick.

I would be better if I would have started from my childhood. But, being able to do gymnastic tricks after the age of 30, lead to the hope, I am convinced of that. (LOL)

Today (Jan.12th.), it will be full moon. I will watch almost full moon tomorrow. I hope the weather will be good.

And it seems already very cold in Hokuriku, Tohoku, and Hokkaido. Japan will be hit by big freeze this weekend, so just keep warm, as not to catch a cold.

The reason I chose these words is not that they're e easy to write

I think there's nothing more important than love.


Takashi Jonishi

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Kindly Translated by: Kazumi (Thanks a lot!)

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