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Like a Robot...

Robot Dance

I was for the first time fascinated by this kind of Dance more than 15 years ago.

On those times, speaking of Robot Dance, would mean fixating the whole body, just moving Hands and Neck, and doing noises like “weee-gasha, wee-gasha”. (Video, MIn. 8:46)

I was trying to be a Robot, studying Robots and imitating Robots.

And so, time has come roaring to 2017. Speaking of robots in this era: Robots that once used to be awkward in movement, have turned into smooth-moving ones. At this Pace, Robots that move exactly as human beings might be developed in ten years.

I imitated a robot who imitated a robot. A robot who imitates me and me who imitates a robot.

Well, how many times have I said robot? I have to ask, it seems I’ve been saying “Robot, Robot” since a while.

Robot. Look, like a spell. “Robot”. 20 times.

Well, I do not know how my Robot dance will change in the future, but no doubt, Robots will keep fascinating me.

22 times.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Translated by: Ani,


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