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An even colder week

Good Morning in many, many languages.


A new week has started.

It’s a relief, that the diary got restored.

This weekend, Japan became very cold and it seemed,

that in every region was a lot of snow.

It was cold here, too…

It was a fine weather at the weekend…

Please have a warm new week!

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(9th day of 2017)

[It’s an emergency]

A rainy cold air white sky Monday.

Today is the Coming of Age Day. In the town, I saw a lot of women wearing kimono and men wearing crested suits.

It is a Ceremony, where various troubles happen every year, so it is good to have a nice Coming of Age Day this year though...

But today had a cold afternoon and the night peeps at the blue sky and the moon shone beautifully…


(10th day of 2017)

[Leave it to me!]

Today the air is cold, but it is a fine weather...

The air seems to get even cooler from now on. Please spend warmly and do not get sick.

Today, I watched the movie

"Look who's back"

I don't know if it’s fine to say that it was interesting, but I liked it.

I also took pictures at the last minute. The scenery I saw was a picture of the Berlin Wall ...

It makes me happy, to see the things, I saw when I was overseas.


(11th day of 2017)

[ mmm!!!]

Today, I went home when it got dark.

I got off a bit before my bus stop and walked home.

The sinking sun couldn’t be seen anymore, but I could see the orange colored bright sky afar…and on the other side the moon took its firm face.

I watched the night sky.


(12th day of 2017)

[ mmmmm!!!!!]

Today again, a cold morning,

but as always a nice weather.

The received sweets and the spiciness of the seed of the kaki, those were delicious…

Tonight I will heat up my body from inside with a miso soup...

The night was beautiful with the bright night sky and the shining moon.