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Tea time

I'm back from Taiwan.I was really hon​o​red to be invited to such a big event, the Lantern Festival for great enthusiasm.I was glad many people were swelled by our performance.

I interchanged with many Taiwanese who were staff members, other performers, an interpreter, visitors at the event and people at a hotel, shops and more. It was fun memories. Thank you so much.

And I had free time so I looked around Taipei. I took the subway and rental bicycle to go here and there.

And speaking of Taiwan, Tea is famous. First, I went to a shop,"MING SAN TEA COLLECTION", which sold tea leaves, in a brochure.They kept me company at my poor English, explained the tea and I could make a tasting.

They ran the shop in families. The sister first dealt with me, then I talked with the brother who had been studying in Japan so I had a conversation in Japanese. I had a very good time with tea and slow talk. It was good place for tea and I was able to have such a good time.

Then, on another day, I went to MAOKONG by gondola in the morning. It was a place with tea plantations and a shop in which I was able to drink some tea on the mountain.

I paid attention to some ordinary field. I drank a cup of tea slowly on the mountain, I spent three hours at the same shop.

It was quiet and there were a few people when I came here, but it was crowded when I left.

There are many kinds of Tea in Taiwan, also there are MOUNTAIN OOLONG TEA such as POUCHONG, TAIWAN BEAUTY, ALI SHAN and LI SHAN and many kinds of Tea in circulation. There are many kinds of Tea I've never had, so I want to know more. By the way, I bought COLD SU


MIT OOLONG and SHAN LIN XI OOLONG TEA at MING SAN TEA COLLECTION. I like such as fermented tea, but as extra, I drank KUCHA and green glass tea at the night market.

KUCHA was really bitter. "Bitter. One more drink!" more.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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