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Coffee, sweets, spring & a lonely survivor

Good Morning in many, many languages.


This week, I felt the spring merry weather,

And then it got chilly again…

The wind blew strongly…

Somehow zigzag, but still getting cold.

Your name...( Reference to the Movie Title)


(44th day of 2017)

[That… everything is so big…]

Today, early morning, heading to to Nagoya... unpleasantly cold.

And Nagoya is also a little cooler than Kanto.

Like an old Movie Gangster,

I hang out in a cool Coffee Shop

and get me a Coffee,

which comes along with some peanuts.

Today, we have pleasant weather in Nagoya too.

Although just for a single evening, I ate Chicken Wings

I wonder if I can relax a little bit...

Tomorrow, I will only buy some Akafuku and get back home.


(45th day of 2017)

[Bye then… until some day…]

Rainy skies over Nagoya this morning

At the Coffee shop I was yesterday, I got Coffee

with Peanuts… of course.

What a stylish Coffee I’m in,

A Coffee shop to settle down…

トAnd then, I get the right Akafuku Miu chan and Ryosuke will be delighted too, I hope

Today, it was Valentine’s Day…

To Niinii… from Miu Chan, I got

Hand-made Chocolate too.

In the evening, at my parent’s home, I had a Valentine’s Day

talk with Miu Chan…

she smirks embarrassed in the middle of it… and runs away…

I wonder if Ryosuke noticed it…

2 people who care about Niinii, on Valentine’s Day


(46th day of 2017)

[Ah…. uhm... Again… Who… Tears… Flow]

Today it’s a blue skies, nice weather Wednesday.

In the morning I have Akafuku with coffee.

Of course, this week, is a Jiiji Bread week too.

I toast an Egg Sandwich crispy in the oven

as expected, it's just delicious…

What…now… I felt, that I dreamt for a moment]


(447th day of 2017)

[I don’t know why, but I feel like we can’t see each other anymore...]

We had nice weather with a blue sky today again. The temperature rose a little bit, warming us up. The “Akafuku”’s expiration date is today… that’s fast. I can’t eat eight of them all by myself.

The bread which I had today had a whole potato in it.

And this week again, I had Miso soup with tofu.

Recently, this kind of meal has become my comfort food.

Corn soup or stew might taste better with bread than Miso soup, but...