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Tricking big time

Photo taken during a shooting break.

The shooting in Nagoya became quite productive. Please look forward to it.

This time, the MV includes a Story element, so it is really worth seeing. (-_ ^)

And next, there is the TISSOT shooting, and I would do big moves in it, so please look forward to that as well.

I'm worried about physical fitness.

Personally, I am very much into acrobatic movements at the moment.

Although talking about acrobatics, there are various kinds, I’m mainly on “Tricking” and “Parkour”.

The difference between “Tricking” and “Parkour” is that, Tricking is based on the movements used in martial arts. It is more about so called “turning kicks” , so Tricking is more often about Twist Jumping rather than Back flip and Front flip.

On the other hand, “Parkour” has a way of moving in the background, so there is not much twist as a base, but there are cases where twisting comes in as a performance.

I could talk long timeabout it, (though, I’m still like a little boy). If I have to summarize it, I’d say

“Tricking is Martial Arts”

“Parkour is a way of moving”

But, actually, I don’t see people who are doing Tricking and doing fighting sports very much, and people who earnestly do martial arts, cannot do Tricking, or perhaps I should say, if they do it in a match, they fall headlong and Knock themselves Out.

Well, the story could get longer, so, let's call it quits for today.


Takashi Jonishi

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