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A steamy experience II

Everyone, Have you all watched "SINGULARITY"?

I think it was a very fun atmosphere!

Actually, there was a time gap between chorus and the creation of the last common part of the work, and it took almost half a year or more.

It was certainly a work of trial and error.

We could count on the help of free female dancers. It’s a work filled with the hearts of various people.

And thanks also to the busy people of SKE48! It's amazing how they completed the work in such short time without being professional dancers… Respect.

Everyone, Please love "SINGULARITY"!

And, now, a personal story: I went to the Sauna Festival two weeks ago.

I Dive in the 0°C Lake, right after the Sauna, and there was all- you-can- drink Beer, and all-you-can-eat Finnish food.


And I was thankfully able to listen to stories of Top Pro Sauners…


With that said, TGIF


Ryuta Tomita

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Translated by: Ani,


and : Rikaikun extension for Google Chrome

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