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Jobs and sticky fleas

Good Morning in many, many languages.


Thank you to everything who watched SINGULARITY many times.

A new week has started.

The cold days are continuing.

The cherry blossom trees are getting their color little by little.

One step this week, too.

Your Name...】(Reference to the Film)


(72nd day of 2017)

[Kumadamon!! Oh… 4-Leaf-Clover-chan]

The start of a new week…

The morning was fresh and cold and very cloudy.Puddles from the late rain last night.

Except the clear sky and the orange colored sunset, I felt, that it was a very cloudy Monday.

I wonder, if the weather will get worse from tomorrow.

Let’s go through this week with the morning sun.

Wishing a wonderful week…


(73rd day of 2017)

[Good…I searched it…]

Today’s morning was heavily cloudy.It began to rain in the afternoon and never stopped.

After I randomly mono-toned the photo from me with the glasses,

I thought, I looked like Steve Jobs. Only my appearance looked the same, so I put both together and it was completely the same.

When I ate Yakitori with the Golden red pepper (Golden powder) I bought a while ago in Nagoya, It was delicious

so I went again to amazon…Amazon really, has everything…

I was surprised with the Dr. Fish, but…The ketchup was drastically reduced!!!

I want to raise Ushima-kun to 50% on the 3rd…


(74th day of 2017)

[Kumadamo Ono…!! 4-leaf-clover-chan]

It’s very cold today…

It seems, that New York has an extreme snowfall and has an emergency. Here, too, was cold and windy.

Miu took a lot of friends to our house and played outside, was noisy with her “wa-wa-”.

It was like 15 to 6 people fighting and Ryosuke, while staying at home and lonely was downhearted.

In the inner part of the closet, there is a Gundam I made back then and I thought giving it to Ryosuke.

If he goes outside and comes to the entrance door, I would have said “Come out!”,

then saying to Miu and her friends “Shh, don’t be too loud. You disturb everybody near here.” It was so noisy, that the neighbor closed his shutter.

It was good, that Niinii (“Big Brother”) told them.

Normally, I tell them with a smile, but this time I did it with a serious face.

Then Miu and her team said, that I was wrong…it seems they were talking.

But they are all cute.

Let’s be all good friends so Miu shall grow as a gentle woman…

Am I the parent? \(゜ロ゜●)”!!

(When I asked the Miu-Team “Are there by chance some good looking boys here?” The father of Miu called me.)

No, I am not the father… (LOL)

I didn’t think to interfere!

After that, left out, I played a bit with Ryosuke and the Gundam.

"Peng! Bang Bang! Dokan! Beam!"

That Ryosuke will graduate from the kindergarten tomorrow...

I wish, he will graduate from his crybaby character...

"Peng Bang!"


(75th day of 2017)


A sticking Insect appeared…

it’s useless… it won’t go away.

After the battle, the only two of us fought for 30 minutes straight with transparent light sabers in a room in our house.

The physical strength of children is to be feared…

At last, the father of Niinii appeared, caught Ryosuke and finished him by shooting a Kamehame-ha.

However, on the way home, the settlement will get carried over to the next time.

Sticky-Insect Ryosuke