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Your Name...

Good Morning in many, many languages.


IA week of Zig-zag Zig-zag-ish weather.

I expected the spring weather, but it was like the weather of midwinter…

The sky is somehow not calm

I wish for everyone being well and that the warm spring will come…

Your Name...】(Reference to the Film) (Last week of the month)


(86th day of 2017)

[Wow…amazing…it looks like your wings…]

A cold rainy morning,

the start of the Monday.

It was raining at my departure, but when I came back, the weather became clear and sunny.

It’s still a zig-zag sunny weather here. However, it’s good, that the clouds are all over the sky after the rain

I hope, this will be a warm week.



(87th day of 2017)

[Should I turn this handle…?]

I wonder, if today will have a gentle light blue spring sky…

It rained at the night.

If rain falls, the weather went as expected cold again.

Today, I’m going for a hot miso soup and stir-fried bean sprouts

I tried putting it drop by drop and yeah, it was ordinary delicious…Okazu, is a sweet dumpling…

(OH! my Konbu) As if!!

Young people probably don’t know it… It’s an old anime…nostalgic….


(88th day of 2017)

[Wait…Not here…?! A voice can be heard…

(If I turn the handle, the bell rings…well…I’m leaving…to the new myself…) ]

Today is the 20th anniversary party of GRINDER-MAN,

so I went to a fancy venue in Omotesandô.

The atmosphere was somewhat like a wedding and I thought I wore the wrong clothing, but was not a single moment unsure and it was fine, though.

However, when the party started, it felt like a wedding.

I was relieved, when I could meet the staff I am familiar with and took care of us for our live performances.

At the end, the show of Grinder-man began

It was a wonderful party, the show of the dancers and everyone who wore the original grinder-man suits and the boxes we used at our live performance.

Congratulations for the 20th anniversary!


(89th day of 2017)

[Oh…Oh…Thank you]

I can feel the spring in the weather of today.

The sunlight is also gentle and the air is gentle.

The content of the bags I got on my way home from the Grinder-man's party yesterday include a Photobook about Grinder-man's history, chocolate and cookies.

It really was like a wedding…

(゜▽゜●)” aha...

Let’s do our best, so we can go forward with the 20th or 30th anniversary!