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Bread & Hollywood II

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! (ノ●゜ο゜)ノ

The beginning of a new week.

The temperatures have gradually gotten higher.

Ready to put away the winter clothing…

The hot summer… is coming… coming… coming…

It kicks off…


(134th. day of 2017)

A new Monday Morning, cloudy sky with occasional strong rain, somehow a chilly morning.

Today I have Bacon-Cheese French Bread and filled Buns.

This week, all these Hollywood actors are appearing in which Film... ?

!I'd like to try to draw the portraits of all these Stars.

Please try to guess ...

This new week, also with crushed cheeks.

Everybody, Let's live warmly!


(135th. day of 2017)

A complete change, from yesterday’s heavy skies,

to nice weather today;

the temperatures gradually rise,

I wonder if it will be hot today… This morning, I had Cheese-Cake…

On the way back home I bought some pastries, it’s again Bread-Week


(136th. day of 2017)

I spend a peaceful, cloudy weather Wednesday,

I stir-fried bean-sprouts with smoked chicken (and have bread… toast)

Rainy days, sunny days, cloudy days, Which do you like best?!


(137th day of 2017)

It turned out to be a dark grey cloudy sky today,

completely different from the summer sky of yesterday.

It looked like there were a lot of cracks in the sky…

And then the lightning flashed, the thunder rolled….the rain poured down…

But, the queen of the paper wasps’ nest was safe.

She picked the best location for her nest...

I had french bread with hazelnut cream on top today.



(138th day of 2017)

Potato bread... bread... bread...

bread I had bread today, and I will have bread tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and two days after tomorrow again…

I will have bread… bread…

Thank you, bread. Bread, thank you. Thank to the person who made bread for the first time… Soon enough, this old man turned into bread… the end.


(139th day of 2017)

There is a festival at the nearby shrine that starts today.

There were a lot of stalls.

The bus will not stop at the same bus stop as usual and the route has been changed as well.

The festival is held only for two days a year.

Ryosuke happily showed me a turtle… it was small and cute.

He said he played “turtle scooping” at the festival and got one… There is such a thing these days…

One day, this turtle will turn into Ninja and save people in NY from the evil…...just kidding…

Ryosuke would never imagine that…


(140th day of 2017)

It seems to exceed 30 degrees Celsius everywhere in Japan today.... Even in the morning,

the temperature felt higher than usual.

Today is the second day of the festival. I heard the people carrying the Mikoshi (portable shrine) around the neighborhood, bearing it on their shoulders in the early morning.

But by tomorrow… the street that was full of the stalls, and also the shrine will be quiet again as if nothing had happened…

After this festival is over… it makes me feel like summer is coming…

I hope everyone had a heart warmed beginning of the week…

It is the beginning of the new week.

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

May a gentle wind blow softly into everyone's heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s live!!!\(*´∇`\*)”

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay. It will lead to tomorrow!!】

The answer is.... “Pirates of the Caribbean” \(゜▽゜●)”

And now, everybody,

For the new week… Don’t get bogged down in the heat…

With warm feelings…

Off we go!!!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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