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Bread, Hollywood and Heat

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! (゜θ゜●)/”

The beginning of a new week.

May is about to end… hot and humid

I wonder if the Rainy season

is approaching gradually…


(141st. day of 2017)

Beginning of the Monday,

I’m starting it with a Muffin.

Today, the nice weather of the past days has continued,

with strong sunlight and very hot…

When I stand alone at home,the wind feels pleasantly cool…

I’m definitely feeling the mid-summer wind

A good wind is blowing,

now, let’s live!

This week, Hollywood actresses!

I wonder who they might be…


(142nd day of 2017)

Today, again nice weather,

I wonder if it will get hot…

But today the wind is cool and strong so I feel comfortable ... Today I have a Choco-Toast

Aaah, delicious… (゜θ゜●)”


(143rd day of 2017)

Today there are many clouds, but the blue sky is visible between the gaps.

I wonder if the day will turn hot.

Today I have stir fried Bean Sprouts and Chicken… and Baguette

Of course, I also ate bread today.


(144th day of 2017)

We had a sprinkle of rain this morning. I had slices of a baguette with hazelnut cream spread and they were delicious as usual…

Because we had rain today, it was damp……

OK!! I am going to clean up my bathroom.

I went to the home improvement store to buy cleaning stuff…

The total cost was only ¥1,000…. That was cheap….

However, it is fun to look around the home improvement store, isn’t it?