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Growing seeds

I visited Noguchi Seeds.

It was fun, that many kinds of Open Pollinated Seeds (OPS).

And I went to hear the lecture of Noguchi-san, and I learned about seeds again.

As I listen to Noguchi-san, I feel Osamu Tezuka was a great person because he precisely caught problems of the modern society when he drew Manga.

I thought again that I usually ate OPS vegetables as possible even if the First Fillial Generation was important commercially for the growth speed or the shipment standard.

I want to avoid to eat genetically modified (GM) crops which are not declared, but a lot in Japan as processed foods.

As I think about the production site, I can say the same thing to clothes. GM seeds of vegetables haven't come to Japan until now unless they are mixed up with (normal seeds), but what happens from now on? I'll be careful about the change of the law and the movement of companies who handle the seeds.I think Japanese properties are rich natural environments and to be able to live there safely, including foods and seeds.

In the meantime, I'll tell you my method which I use as emergency measures when a seed of 'Morning Glory' don't sprout but I don't know if it's right.

Please push soil aside carefully like fossil excavation, then dig up the seed. (If it is germinated, please put the soil back softly, then wait until the bud comes up on the ground.)

If a seed doesn't germinate, please sharpen the place that swells out in a circle (like the outer periphery of a half moon) a little with files such as a nail clipper (careful to sharpen it too much). It's enough when some colors around the round top become thin. Put it in water overnight, then sow the seed. And please add pressure well after covering with soil.

Please give it water everyday until a bud appears. If a bud appears, it's all right!

I don't give liquid fertilizer at all. When I feel nutrition of the soil is short, I sprinkle rice bran a little. Please don't worry much because basically it's not a plant which needs care.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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