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A day in the Woods

There are various problems about artificial forests which are abandoned: Other plants like undergrowth don't grow because light doesn't come in, insects don't gather and animals and birds don't gather either. Trees don't root, so landslides happen easily.

Japanese trees, which are grown for lumbers, are abandoned, the trees are too crowded to grow, and several-hundred-year-old trees from overseas are cut in sequence, then a forest turns into desert.

Behind the scenes, it seems that using several-hundred-year-old trees from overseas, could be cheaper than using time-consuming thinned woods.

Now, about 30 percents of all lumbers are domestic. The quote is even improving more than ever, because people have been working on it in various ways.

Kunio Hatoyama was once angry at a planting event, "What we we need are Spinneys not artificial forests! Why don't you understand that?"

I knew this, triggered by KUMAMORI. He was a politician who knew the importance of diversity looking ahead of hundred years. I totally agree with his other ideas, "I'll remove all the concrete of the rivers in Tokyo to get the rich ecosystem back" "Negative growth". It would have been good, if he became Prime Minister or Governor of Tokyo, even though I would expect much opposition. I would pleasantly pay taxes. It's too bad he passed away.

I'm sorry, my story is got off a little. Anyway, I always thought I wanted to be helpful for this problem.

As one of my thoughts, I participated in an a 'Strip the bark of the trees' (for Forest thinning) Event **

the other day.

** TN: After the bark of a Tree is stripped, it can't absorb any more water. The Tree dies, and is cut after months or years. It is then is much lighter to move, and ready to use as lumber because it is already dried.

Many children participated, and it was fun to devote to work silently. It was a good experience to listen to people concerned with the forest directly. It's fun and good to participate such an event.

In addition,"What to choose when you buy something". As I think about it again, light comes in there.

There could be hope that a rich diversity of forests would come back. We, who can choose, are the "possibilities"


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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