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Thank you for the FAN TOUR

Thank you for participating the FAN TOUR for two days.

I spent a very fun time laughing with you through regular plans and new plans.

Yusuke adventitiously joined the early-morning hiking.

It was very hard for participants who were not accustomed to walk or joined for the first time. But I was glad to see for people, who participated last year, seemed easy.

I was in a YELLOW TEAM again at the ATHLETIC FESTIVAL!

We were not in the first three but we were a HAPPY-YELLOW team that we were able to give a sigh relief for. and we had fun to make a team cheering flag.

I was not able to wrap up a speech at all and talked nonsense so I'll say that again: I felt really happy spending time surrounded by everyone who always supported us. Thank you for spending your precious time for WORLDORDER.

I know some people who were not able to participate the TOUR because of jobs, bad health or living far away.Thank you very much all those people for always supporting us.

I appreciate your continuous support to WORLD ORDER.


Hayato Uchiyama

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