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A little Earth

Loquats arrived from SAKUMA glass farm, from which I bought vegetables.

A parakeet came again to the tree of loquats near my house.

I munched a loquat with a parkeet.

I harvested potatoes in my field. I don't know the kind because I planted organic potatoes, which my field-friend bought at a natural food store.

And my featured vegetable of this year is the corn, "GOLDEN BANTAM". My field-friend gave me the corn which he made in-house seed production. These are cross-fertilization plants so my friends are together to grow the same kinds and for not cross breeding.

I think to adopt the way of COMPANION PLANTING consciously. If I think about one combination only, vegetables, growing next to the combination, could be bad so I lay out a plan wondering a combination goes well.

First, I spread the seeds of MARIGOLD, which I wanted to grow from last year, close to cruciferous vegetables . Those were "FRENCH MARIGOLDS", which were organic and seeds were not disinfected, even if I don't eat them.

Tomatoes and basil were famous but I planted GREEN SHISO, which belongs to the same Labiatae family and from my parents' home because I liked SHISO.

I didn't know soybeans and OKRA were a good combination. Soybeans were"KOJI-IRAZU (green soybean)", from which I made MISO for the first time. The OKRA of the five-cornered kind, which I grew last year, became hard when they were big and I was not able to harvest many of them so I spread the seeds which I produced last year to a planter.

I newly spread the seeds of white OKRA, "YANG GUIFEI", in my field.

I worried about "DeCicco", which was a rare Broccoli from Open-Pollinated Seeds, so I spread the seeds of GERMAN CHAMOMILE and NASTURTIUM.

I don't really understand when there is no comparison but I want them to grow well. I want to try other combinations but another time I will over my work.

Creatures are active recently. In my nine tatami sized field, ther eare ahids, ants, ladybugs, spiders, grasshoppers, PENTATOMOIDEAS, CUCURBIT LEAF BEETLES (fear for pumpkins!), butterflies, bees, of course vespinae included. And there are a lot of insects which like moisture when I turn up dry grasses and various kinds of grasses growing so I'm comfortable in the field with diversity. It's like a small earth.

Monthly Niigata Komachi has been published. From last month issue to next month issue, I write about forming WORLD ORDER in my point of view so please read them.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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