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Cucumber time!

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”

Also in the Kanto region, the rainy season has ended.

It was a rainy season, in which it didn’t rain at all...

It was hot all the time

Finally, the hot summer has started.

May a pleasant wind, blow on every summer day…

Hoping Autumn and Winter might come soon…

Well, this week, who is it??!


(198th day of 2017)

This week also begins with chocolate toast. By the way, the Chocolate can be bought at convenience stores: Kobe Chocolat. If it's ordinary chocolate, it will be rough when it cools down, but Kobe Chocolat soaks nicely in the Bread, also melts very well and makes a thin coating.

To a thick toast slice, I recommend four cuts of Kobe Chocolat!

Of course, this week too,

I’m loving bread

It’s hot every day, please beware of heatstroke,

May this be a calm week


(199th day of 2017)

This morning too, is stuffy, hot and humid

But the sky became dark from the afternoon on, and roaring thunder showed off

continuous, bright, stuffy, hot and damp weather and occasionally, pleasant skies

I think… I’ll spend only a little time on the streets

After all, an orange background appears between the clouds

Evening is the hottest time of the summer,

The damp, hot moisture of rain

I guess, we need rain once in a while.


(200th day of 2017)

Today is the 200th day in 2017... and...

Finally, the rainy season has ended in the Kanto region.

Feels as it ended already long ago, often sunny weather…

From now it’s be full-blown summer... hot summer...

Pheeewww (´゜`●|||)\゛

Not only hot, damp and humid

May a gentle wind will blow…


(201st day of 2017)

The season for this guy has arrived. Cucumber!!! \(゜▽゜\)゛

I sliced three cucumbers for now and put them into the Donburi bowl with water. Cool them in the fridge for a while, and then, eat them with Miso-Mayo-Soy sauce-Ichimi dip.

They are crunchy.

I feel like I am a beetle…

Ahhh, so tasty!!


(202nd day of 2017)

I am wondering if the summer holidays are starting today…

I could hear baby Ryosuke crying…

I am wondering if he is okay…

He will always be a Mama’s boy...

I bet his Grandpa and Grandma will be busy this coming month with him…I am wondering how busy Moms, Dads, Grandpas and Grandmas are during their kids’ summer holiday, but I hope they hang in there!!


Kids! I hope you have a great summer…


(203rd day of 2017)

The sun glared down on me when I came out of the door this morning, that was really hot!!!

Today again, it was a hot Saturday with the glaring sun.

Even in the evening, it was hot with the orange blazing sun.

I had an omelet and slices of toast with chocolate on top today…

and also, I had a Taiyaki which had been sitting in the fridge for a long time… the Taiyaki seemed to be sweating as well.. Just kidding… Having a Taiyaki on a hot day was good, as usual…

However, using the oven on such a hot day... was not a good idea…

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend...


(204th day of 2017)

A Huh… It is getting cooler…

It isn’t hot today.It was a cloudy Sunday. We also had some sprinkling rain. I finished this week with cucumbers, and that was tasty…

I will eat more cucumbers next week again!

It seems that a typhoon is coming here soon, and the summer sky will be busy, but I hope we can see some beautiful skies this summer again…There was a cool breeze in the evening…

Great work, everyone for last week.

It is the beginning of a new week.

It is also the beginning of the full-blown summer.

The hot days are really here.

The summer holidays are here for the kids as well.

I am wondering if they have a lot of homework…

I hope you all have a great summer…

May each day and each hour of the new week

be filled with peace and warmth as usual…

Wind, please don’t stop blowing…

Please blow softly through all summer long.

May a gentle wind always blow softly into everyone's heart...

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind has blown.

Let’s live! ((゜▽゜(●)゛

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay. It will lead to tomorrow!!】

For the new week…

Don’t lose to the heat…

Off we go!!!

※For this week… I drew the former California governor… I meant [T-800]. I’ll be back!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by Hiromi (Thanks a lot!)

Tand : Ani (using Google & Bing Translators, + Rikaikun extension for Google Chrome)

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