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A sad reality

The 'Morning Glory' has bloomed this year too.

It has been blooming in turn every day, since a few days after returning from China.

And in the field, the squash which I sow last year is growing with tremendous power.

The Leaves are also big!

It is definitely growing more relaxed than last year. I wonder if the seed was able to get used to the land.

I also planted seeds of Kameido Radish

The white "Yakushi" Okra , from the Yamaguchi prefecture's has bear fruits.

It is characterized by being roundish, whitish, beautiful and difficult to harden even if it gets bigger.

I enjoy harvesting properly, the pentangonal Okra from the veranda planter.

Under the corn, this cucumber is growing one after the other.

This year, it didn’t rain so much during the rainy season, but there was heavy rain in some areas; my field is small so it is easy to manage, but the farmers who make a living of it, may have some difficulties depending on the area.

One of the reasons why I became interested in vegetables was "Vegetables become cheaper and cheaper, the farmers are not able to earn enough to match the initial investment of labor and agricultural equipment, the number of people who quit farming is increasing, but there are also people who’s trying agriculture. " I have learned that. (I’m not going to do farming)

Since the prices in the supermarket are decided, it becomes a problem how to reduce the costs and produce the vegetables, so chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals are used, so they can be harvested quickly and efficiently.

Clothes and Brand-Name goods are easy to buy, and even if they're thousands, or ten-thousands of yens, they're seen as cheap. But when it comes to vegetables, they would not be bought already if they’re hundred or even just ten yen higher. I know, such is the sad reality.

Farmers who sweat against nature. The necessity to confront abnormal weather in recent years. In older days, farmers who lost their lives because pesticides.

The household of our homes, are important to live. But I wish such farmer families would be considered, before buying vegetable sold cheaply in the supermarket.

“Organic Agriculture” , “Cultivate by Yourself” This chance is also ahead.

And the new Monthly Niigata Komachi has been published.

With the continuation of the previous 2 Months, about my viewpoint story of the formation of WORLD ORDER.

It is finally formed this month!


Hayato Uchiyama

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Translated by: Ani (using Google & Bing Translators, + Rikaikun extension for Google Chrome)

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