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Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! (°/0\ °●)”

This week, the Quiz-question is… Who is it?

*Hint: A Dr… it’s not!!


(213th day of 2017)

This morning I woke up early again…The cicadas are singing to the upmost from early in the morning

Today, a clear blue sky after a long time, the sun is hot...

Beginning, but is however, the last Monday of July

What kind of week will this one be?

A week of not losing to the heat,

and a warm heart

May it be ...


(214th day of 2017)

Starting with a cloudy sky, this Tuesday, August 1st. Morning.

It is hot and damp… the voice of the Cicadas can be heard on the Distance

And, the usual morning Wasp Check…(゜ロ゜○)/” Bwhaaa, a huge Cicada next to the nest!!

Just ignore each other... ignore... Bugs... Aha

(The Toxin of the Paper Wasp... does not injure healthy cells, but only when they’re attached to cancer cells, It seems to be...)

How this research was done, I don’t really know… again

Paper Wasps are amazing… I think.

And, this Morning at Shibuya Street Center, I passed by NHK’s Morning Weather Forecast Lady (゜ロ゜●)

I recognized her, but pretended not to

I passed her by, but I see her every morning on TV

Well, People pass each other…

After all, Tokyo is amazing ...

I recently started a TV -Novel Morning Series from NHK (Hiyokko)

With this, I'm crying and leaving

I have that feeling

In the morning, quietly, refreshingly, moved... So, I was happy.

Today is the opposite as the other day... Shibuya is cloudy

The view of the streets when I got close to Kanagawa,

changed abruptly to heavy rain…

Today I was carrying a lot of Baggage

I couldn't take my umbrella with me, so I got wet

even Kanagawa Thunder Alarm was triggered…it seems to be close and distant...

When I came home, the Cicada was gone ...


(215th day of 2017)

Last night I woke up around 2:00 AM

(●゜-゜)… mmh… come on! Then, wobble, wobble, an Earthquake… quite long,

and it was a big earthquake ...

Morning, when I got up, there was again an earthquake.

I wonder, if it’s because I was scared

Come on! It cannot be...

Like an ‘earthquake sensing ability’,

or kind of; I thought about it lately

There’s no such thing… aha

Today, it is again cloudy, humid and windless, a bit cool I hope…

Today too, I wish you a nice day.


(216th day of 2017)

There were a lot of clouds in the sky again; it was a cloudy day today.

And there was an earthquake again; there was also an earthquake yesterday…

Somehow it seemed to fill my head with something and I felt fidgety even though I was home…

So, I watched “Hiyokko,” the NHK Morning TV Series, with tears in my eyes this morning again.

In the evening, I watched “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day,” which I recorded because I have always wanted to see that animation.

I was moved to tears.../(T^ T ●)”

I forced myself to clear my mind with touching stories….There is also a live action drama based on the animation… I didn’t realize how wonderful these stories are.

I wonder if I will be moved with more stories tomorrow morning again…