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LIVE & Morning Glory

A week passed after the 3 days of LIVE Shows. Thank you to everybody, who attended the show and supported us.

I think there were some people who had difficulties to take a day off, or came far from Tokyo.

Recently, some fans attended the Show from overseas. This time, I know people from Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA, who attended the show or sent us letters.

I'm glad if those fans enjoyed it but I'm anxious about what they thought of the sudden short play...

When I learned to act, I had not done such an exaggerated play, but I enjoyed it unexpectedly.

By the way, I read a book,called "Curry last night, Bread tomorrow" by IZUMI KIZARA, which I wanted to read.

It is divided into some chapters but all chapters are connected, so it was good and heart-warming.

I took a little rest and started running to the show in Thailand.

And I announce it again to make sure. I'm gathering more and more photographs for the MORNING GLORY Project. (See my Diary of August 1st for details).

Actually, I think it's OK the number of photos is not one. There could be some photos including like morning glory only and morning glory with you. Of course, one photo is enough.

The girl, who gave me the seeds of morning glory, is going to graduate from primary school next March, so I think it's the first and last chance.

I'm waiting for as many participants as possible. Thank you in advance.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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