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Sweating by living...

Good Morning in many, many languages


This week, the sweltering days were back.

Since Wednesday, it had been over 35℃, like a sauna.

The second half of the week was sweltering, hotter than hot…

Please be careful not to get a heatstroke…


(234th day of 2017)

Start of the Monday, it’s cloudy all day long. To the burning air,

I went out to take my Suits to the dry-cleaning... The laundry was closed. No way…

A Monday start, with a lot of baggage. Being sweaty as usual… I switch my brain from one LIVE Show to the next. On the way home, I found another laundry in front of the station. They have a service called “Sweat Removing”… It sounds perfect for my sweaty suit… Unfortunately, it won’t make it for our departure for Thailand, I would try it maybe next time…but…

What does the “regular” cleaning do, then…??


(235th day of 2017)

This morning was cloudy, but later the sun shines and it became a hot Tuesday. There are few days of summer vacation left. Those kids who haven’t finish their homework may start feeling pressed… Good luck!!

I’m wondering when Ryosuke and Miu do their homework… I have the feeling that they are always playing around… Are they OK…?


(236th day of 2017)



Here, the forecast predicts 35℃ today… Just walking to the station makes me drench with sweat...

This Wednesday, you’ll be sweaty all over just by existing.

Today is the final game of high school baseball. Which team may win…?

It will be over by the time I go home. Good luck, high school baseball players.

On the way home, I walked being drenched in sweat, holding baggage in both hands… It was like a sauna…

I found, that I cannot be like Tomizo. Tomizo-san is great…

The high school baseball champion is Hanasaki Tokuharu High School in Saitama. The ever first victory, of a Saitama Prefecture High School



(237th day of 2017)

Thursday, it is sunny and hot again.

I ate Curry Bread and Choco-Toast. I love thickly sliced bread these days. I always eat the crust first, then, fold the soft center part in half to eat.

I wonder how others eat their toasts…I love bread after all…

The only drawback, is that the heat of the oven doesn’t get out, for a long time, if you use it in such a hot, windless day…


(238th day of 2017)

The last 3 days have been so hot.

There are some people on the