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Exhausting... and worth it!

I’m sorry to be late.

We are back from Thailand to Japan today’s afternoon…

I miss Thailand…

Good Morning in many, many languages

I really felt that OKAERI (Welcome home.) is such a happy, warm word.

TADAIMA (I’m home.), ITTEKIMASU (I’m going.), OKAERI (Welcome home.),

ITTERASSHAI (Have a nice day.), ARIGATO (Thank you.), GOMENNE (I’m sorry.),

MATANE (See you again.), Although they are such simple words,

when I heard them from fans and staffs in Thailand,

I was so touched to be crying… ARIGATO ”(/´ . `\●)”


(241st day of 2017)

The first day of the final rehearsal towards our performance at JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2017, the collaborative performance, and our MV shooting…

It’s so hot…I’m melting…


(242nd day of 2017)

Today is hot, but I feel a cool breeze, and it’s comfortable in the shade.

From the early morning, the Media was full of discussion of the North Korean missile passing over Japan…Some people might be scared…

Today before the rehearsal,

I sat at a small square and spent some relaxing time, what I haven't done recently.…

Then I headed to the studio, and found it was the wrong place.

I rushed and jumped on a train, and made it in time.

Well, it happens once in a while!


(243rd day of 2017)

From today, until Sunday, we’ll be in Thailand. I left home at 4:40 am, It was still dark…

This time we fly from Narita.