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After Thailand...

Good Morning in many, many languages


I came back from Thailand and found that the seasons

have already changed while we were absent…

The atmosphere of this week made me feel so.

But there might be hot days still.

It seems temperature goes up and down when the seasons change.

Take good care of yourself, everyone…


(248th day of 2017)

Today, I came home, uploaded the diary and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already evening…

Right after I came back to Japan,

I noticed it’s cool here.

The day we left for Thailand, it was hot to have a forecast saying it would be 35℃…

The seasons changed while we were absent for a short period of time,

I felt such thing right after I came back to Japan.


(249th day of 2017)

Tuesday morning, in spite of the blue sky, it is cool.

I found Gaprao Rice, Tom Yam Kung noodle or snacks at convenience stores again.

Every time I come back from overseas, I find the taste of the country where I’ve just been to, at convenience stores. What a mysterious coincidence…

I might be able to enjoy a slight taste of Thai food for a while…


(250th day of 2017)

I was quite impressed by this photo, so I asked to let me keep it.

The photo of Thai fans, who are producing an exact copy of us.

From the tie to the posing, everything is perfect and I’m so impressed…Thank you so much, guys!

I’m looking forward to seeing you again!


(251st day of 2017)

Thursday, today is cool again…

cloudy, though.

After a long interval, I took a frozen pizza out of my freezer, microwaved and ate it with ketchup.

I can’t even remember since when it has been there…

I prefer pizza which is not frozen.