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Pumpkins and... Niigata!

Pumpkins have been harvested this year, too.

This is the second year in this field since I cultivated the seeds I received last year.

The taste is light so I like it the best I've ever had and if I cook croquettes with it and crunchy bread crumbs, it's the best croquette I've ever had.

There is a person nearby growing pumpkins, and some are strange by cross-fertilization, so I'm glad to see this light green Insects are fine too.

I went to Shibuya Hikarie to see an event someone told me the other day: Our Future Way of Living -Off-Grid Life-

There was a corner of ISAO NOGUCHI, too.

By the way, when I worked on a rice field. I met a person who was traveling all around the country in a light truck, which had a hand-made room on the deck (like a small camping car).

Recently I saw him on TV when I watched unexpectedly, and he said he finally found a place to settle down.

He bought a tattered old house cheap and restored it by himself little by little. His face looked happy when he talked about it. It was a wonderful place, where rice fields spread out around and mountains were seen in the distance, so I was glad too.

By the way, finally the event at MINATOPIA in Niigata City will take place this weekend, September 17th!

This is the first time performing in Niigata so I'm excited now.

Our performance will be planned to begin from 7pm. It's a good time, isn't it?

As an opening night-time for adults, as at the end of the day for kids.

I'll be waiting for you all coming!


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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