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On the spur of the moment...

Good Morning in many, many languages


This week, the sun has been shining,

and it was hot until the weekend.

However, several Typhoons were approaching,

and temperatures sank towards the weekend

Sunday, it felt cold in short sleeves

It became hot, then suddenly cool.

Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold.


(255th day of 2017)

Start of the Monday, we have blue sky and brilliant sunshine

Sunny and radiant fine weather.

Egg Sandwich and

Ham-Cucumber Sandwich

The simplest is the most delicious after all.


(256th day of 2017)

Since last evening, on to this morning, there was heavy rainfall,

The sprinkling ceased this morning.

A Tuesday of humid, moist air.

Beansprouts and pork, with soy sauce and Dôbanjiang’s unique flavour

simply stir fried…

as expected, delicious.


(257th day of 2017)

Summer coloured blue sky,

nice hot weather today.

Glaring sunshine and over 30° C

Today, I made the Instant ‘Thom-Yam-Kung’ Noodles I bought in Thailand

I put some Bean Sprouts in…

they were delicious…

I wish I had bought more before

going back home...


(258th day of 2017)

Today, Genki-san, our manager and I, had dinner together, and after dinner, the manager and I entered a hip bar nearby Kanda station…

In the bar, people were preparing for an Art exhibition; we had high-balls where they were hammering nails beside.

Some people were carrying out their Art works, others were carrying in theirs, everybody was cool.