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On the spur of the moment...

Good Morning in many, many languages


This week, the sun has been shining,

and it was hot until the weekend.

However, several Typhoons were approaching,

and temperatures sank towards the weekend

Sunday, it felt cold in short sleeves

It became hot, then suddenly cool.

Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold.


(255th day of 2017)

Start of the Monday, we have blue sky and brilliant sunshine

Sunny and radiant fine weather.

Egg Sandwich and

Ham-Cucumber Sandwich

The simplest is the most delicious after all.


(256th day of 2017)

Since last evening, on to this morning, there was heavy rainfall,

The sprinkling ceased this morning.

A Tuesday of humid, moist air.

Beansprouts and pork, with soy sauce and Dôbanjiang’s unique flavour

simply stir fried…

as expected, delicious.


(257th day of 2017)

Summer coloured blue sky,

nice hot weather today.

Glaring sunshine and over 30° C

Today, I made the Instant ‘Thom-Yam-Kung’ Noodles I bought in Thailand

I put some Bean Sprouts in…

they were delicious…

I wish I had bought more before

going back home...


(258th day of 2017)

Today, Genki-san, our manager and I, had dinner together, and after dinner, the manager and I entered a hip bar nearby Kanda station…

In the bar, people were preparing for an Art exhibition; we had high-balls where they were hammering nails beside.

Some people were carrying out their Art works, others were carrying in theirs, everybody was cool.

The people making the world their stage were drinking and working there… I felt like I strayed into a wonderful world, and it was so exciting. The atmosphere of the bar, the people who were there, everything was cool. Even a lady looked like Chara was there, too.

With a drink of 1500 yen in hand, until the last train leaves, we chatted with them without realizing it.

The upstairs of the bar was a space for live events, and there, a group of French Jazz performers, Yvan Knorst-et-Sebastien Charlier, who had concert at NHK hall, just happened to were having a Live Performance.

In a natural way, the three musicians, including one Japanese harmonica player,

performed and I danced to it.

I have no idea how this…the live show of us four happened…

I was so touched, and my body moved automatically. Their music should make me forget my normal self…

As attentive as I always am on the stage…I rarely feel happy or pleasing while I’m dancing, no more than once in my whole life… Because I always have to think a lot of things while dancing…

Also, in this kind of situation, I usually get so nervous that it would be impossible to do such thing…

I was so impressed!! I’ve never expected to do an impromptu collaborative performance with Artists from France, a country I had visited before…

Before leaving, they dropped in at the bar downstairs and gave me their contacts.They said ‘keep in touch,

do collaborate together again.’

Although I’m not really the social type… I was lucky to have the great chance to get to know these artists I haven’t heard of before. They were all natural, friendly and genuine, and at the same time, they have style and that was really cool. It was really an amazing night…

When I came home, the light bulb was burned out… It didn’t work…

So I directly went into my dream…

I usually isolate myself from society except for works or rehearsals though…

Once I stepped out, there was a wonderful experience.


枝元郁 (Kaoru Edamoto)

Yvan Knorst et-Sebastien Charlier

and The lady of the art gallery TETOKA (手と花)

Thank you so much to all of you, for the very special night.

JINTA HASEGAWA has his exhibition at TETOKA till October 1. Don’t miss it!

You can find the video of Yvan Knorst-et-Sebastien Charlier performing on YouTube. Check it out!


(259th day of 2017)

Today is a little bit cooler than yesterday, and more comfortable.My breakfast is Choco toast as usual…

I have regular stock of Kobe Chocolate in my fridge, and it stays there for long time because I eat only two pieces each day…


(260th day of 2017)

This morning is cloudy, and I felt the weather cool down when I go out.

Some might feel chilly, there were people wearing long sleeves or cardigans here and there.

A typhoon is approaching, and it occasionally rains.

I’m worried about the weather in Nigata, I hope the weather will last…

Today is the rehearsal for tomorrow!!