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Cooling down, Yakitori & Rangers

Good Morning in many, many languages


The new week starts.

A week has passed since we performed in Nigata.

The sunlight shows it’s no longer summer but autumn.

Even a sunny day is dry and comfortable.

How was this week for each of you?


(262nd day of 2017)

Nigata has a clear blue sky after the storm. It seems the typhoon has passed between midnight and dawn. It’s already Monday while I didn’t feel anything about the typhoon.

We got back to Kanto Area by the morning Super Express.

The weather in my hometown was hotter, with summer sunlight. But I could see traces of the typhoon in my nighbourhood… The wind might have blown very hard around here…


(263th day of 2017)

Tuesday, it was sunny again, but not so hot as yesterday…

I ate pasta (from the convenience store), which I haven’t had for a while. With eggplant, it was very good.

I put lots of Tabasco on.

How much Tabasco do I use in a year…?


(264th day of 2017)

Wednesday, it was cloudy all day long. The temperature sunk and weather was cool and comfortable.

The other day, I bought Yakitori at an old lady’s store.

Which kind of Yakitori do you prefer?The Kashira (tender breast) with sauce this store sells is excellent…

I'd like to have 100 skewers of them.


(265th day of 2017)

Thursday, it is sunny with clear blue sky and brilliant clouds.

The sunlight reflected on the buildings' windowpanes, it was glittery and hot…

I found a handrail of an escalator saying やさしくのろう Yasashiku Norou (Get on gently)…

If it were やさしく呪う Yasashiku Norou (Curse gently)…

so scary…

Japanese language is so hard…