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Copying, Crying and losing memory

Good Morning in many, many languages


(●´∇`) The beginning of a New Week!


(50th day of 2018)

I had a feast meal after the shooting the other day. With sandwiches, Caramel machiatto, and insta-bake, not quite well done.. but still pretty, cute Gyoza, Dumplings and Potato bread…

Today, I also made a Copy of the Script to use it at home.


(51st day of 2018)

Back home after rehearsal, I’ll do again my best with the copy machine

I got to copy a lot today, since 18h

Reading an old Script from around my twenties… I had a similar role back then… I




(52nd day of 2018)

I Head to the office, to deliver the Script.

Drop by at my parents on my way back home. My Mom had Hand-Sewn some Cat Dolls.

A lot of them.


(53rd day of 2018)

Today, it has been snowing since early morning.

After Rehearsal, I went to the Theatre practice… I was moved.

After that, I was able to be, for the 2nd. time, at the meal in the Training Hall, and was allowed to talk with various staff and direction members. Afterwards, I ended talking alone with the director till the morning.

I seem to have lost my memory at half way back (LOL)....

After all, I like Theatre people very much. I hope it will be a lovely Stage performance next week.


(54th day of 2018)

Today, I didn’t take Pictures at all

Just one of this Cheese…

Why on earth...?

The facial expressions of these 2 People are lovely, aren’t they?

I look forward to drawing a Portrait of them..


(55th day of 2018)

This one would be a lovely Grandpa.

Then, I eat Ice cream.

It was nice weather today.

I copied the corrected Script.

Lately, I’ve been going back home, and watching every day An Episode of “Crying out Love in the Center of the World” on Amazon TV

The last words…

Aki 's line [I like Saku chan ...]

Tears ...